Friday, January 28, 2011

I Have Opinions on Sports - Tennis This Time

I have opinions on sports. So does everyone else. The difference, of course, is that my opinions are closer to being facts. Oh, you think yours are, too?

Since a major tennis tournament is in progress, I am going to get controversial about tennis, first. I hear all this stuff about Roger Federer being the greatest player of all time. I take exception. Roger Federer may (or may not) be the greatest male singles player of all time. He has an excellent serve, one of the great forehands in history, an outstanding backhand, and a good net game when he uses it.

Roger Federer has never won a Grand Slam. Rod Laver won 2 of them, 7 years apart. He won one in 1962 as an amateur. Then, he turned pro and wasn't eligible for the Grand Slam events from 1963 through 1968. Then, he won the Grand Slam as a pro in 1969. He won 11 major singles titles and 8 major doubles titles despite being in eligible for 6 years in his prime. He was arguably the #1 player in the world every year from 1961 through 1971. That's 11 straight years. He won on grass, he won on clay, and although there were no Grand Slam hard court events at the time, he won on hard courts. He had perhaps the best forehand in his era, one of the best backhands, and probably the best serve and the best net game.

Today, they play with different equipment, they have tour trainers, the players are pampered. I know that we really have no way of comparing, so all we can do is look at dominance in their own eras. For my money, The Rocket was the best ever.

You disagree? Then, comment!

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