Monday, February 7, 2011

What Used to Be My Ears Really Hurt Today

Did you watch Super Bowl XLV yesterday? Did you see the halftime mess?

The average person in attendance at the Super Bowl is probably post-adolescent, or believe it or not, even older than that. How anyone beyond the age of 14 could have possibly liked that debacle between halves is beyond me. That they brought Slash in to wail on his guitar on "Sweet Child O' Mine" was a disgraceful attempt to make the 30-to-50-somethings feel like they belonged. So, they tried a rock anthem, but Fergie is not a rock singer.

Who are they trying to kid? Christina Aguilera botches her own stylized version of the national anthem. The Star Spangled Banner was never intended to be sung with runs. In fact, though, it has lyrics and they were not intended to be changed.

Back to the halftime show. This is football. Why do we need to have a politically charged song in "Where is the Love"? And, if they have to sing that song, why can't they sing it instead of screeching it? Along with everything else they did, it was just flat out bad.

You want the good news? They didn't get paid a cent. The NFL and promoters paid the travel expenses for the Peas and their entourage, but their real pay was their opportunity to shine (oh, excuse me, it was the gaudy dancers who were shining).

In the early Super Bowls, the halftime entertainment was typically a college marching band. The band from Grambling State (LA) University had the honor of appearing more than any other. You know what? That band was good. And, they took incredible pride in their performances. They nailed them.

This year, the halftime mess was a travesty. If you disagree, it's my blog, so you are clearly wrong, but I'd like to hear from you anyway.

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