Monday, March 7, 2011

Stems are Not on Wine Glasses to Make Them Easier to Break -- Use Them People

My wife, a wonderful person who I love to death, likes this TV show called "Brothers and Sisters." It's about a pretty dysfunctional family who used to own a California winery. Let me repeat -- they used to own a California winery!

Most of the actors and actresses on the show are pretty famous at their trade. They've done a lot of gigs. I suspect they have a lot of money. And, on the show, they are always drinking wine, sometimes talking about it to the point of mentioning vintages. These are not cheap wines that this wine family is purportedly drinking ... and they are generally drinking the wine out of relatively proper glasses.

They all hold the glass by the bowl, making sure usually to wrap their fingers around the part of the bowl that actually has wine in it. Sometimes, they even cradle the bowl. And, the wines are purported to have come from their cellar.

Let's get this straight. They spend money to keep the wines temperature controlled and then they warm the wine to inappropriate temperatures by making love to the glasses with their hands.

Stupid! Asinine! Uncouth! Despicable!

Gee, how do you think I feel about this?

And, you know, it's not just on that show. It's pervasive among the Hollywood snobs. You see them at an awards show -- most of them are nicely warming the champagne with their hands. I even saw on one show (I don't remember the show) where they were supposedly drinking 1989 Chateau D'Yquem (that is one of the great vintages of perhaps the world's finest dessert style wine). They were drinking it in Riedel Sommelier Sauternes glasses. And they were cradling the bowl!

They should be flogged. They should be incarcerated. They should be sentenced to spend hours listening to Charlie Sheen.

Important notes:

  • Stems are on wine glasses for a reason
  • Wines are served at proper temperatures for a reason
  • Not all of us can serve our wines at exactly the right temperatures, in fact most of us can't, but we try to get close
  • Don't get your wine to the right temperature and then warm it up because you think it's a glass of brandy and you need to caress the bottom of the bowl
HOLD THE GLASS BY THE STEM ... or the base

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